about me


My name is Yuri, I am 31 years old, I was born and raised in São Paulo - Brazil. 

I am a phd student in the feminist studies department of the University of California, Santa Barbara, where i am also a Teaching Assistant. Beyond academic production, i am an active researcher, artist and educator of Acervo Bajubá, an LGBT+ community archive located in São Paulo. 

My research intererests are located in Queer Studies and Gender and Sexuality studies, in particular their intersections with race. methodologically, my research is situated in the fields of memory studies, oral history, archival studies and ethnography. Since my arrival in the U.S., I have been increasingly engaging with Black Studies, Queer of Color Critique and Black Queer/Trans Studies as epistemological lenses. 

My MA dissertation was a memory study on the sex dissident social practices and spaces in the city of São Paulo (1970/1980), combining 6 testimonies, archive research and literature review. you can read it here

Lately, I have been learning to draw with coal and betting on other expression and communication methods. I also write poems and short texts in portuguese and spanish to express my feelings and desires as a queer person. you cand read them here